Bouddha Sakyamouni

Introduction to Buddhism conferences are an opportunity to have an exchange on a defined theme with a monk or nun from the centre. They take place some Sundays and start at 3 p.m. Participants are asked a €1.00 contribution.


19 Sept 21 (canceled) “Strengths and Weaknesses” Jigmé Dordjé
31 Octo 21 (canceled) Open discussion with a monk Jigmé Norbu
21 Nove 21 (canceled) “Precious human life”(la précieuse vie humaine) * Jigmé Meunlam
5 Dece 21 (canceled) “What is the point of Buddha-peace ?” Tsunma Nawang Jinpa
23 Jan 22 “The mind, the consciousness” Sherab Drölma
13 Feb 22 “The law of karma” Jigmé Puntsok

* conference given in French and English