ceremonies of Celebrating 800 years of Legacy - August 2012

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vidéo from 29th July 2012
Waiting for His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa

31th July 2012

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His Holiness arrived at Plouray in the end of the afternoon, welcomed by his monks and nuns as well as many students who were able to offer Him a Katags.

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In the evening, a practice was performed in the temple.
Tomorrow starts the program of the closing ceremonies of Celebrating 800 years of Legacy.

1st August 2012

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This first day of retreat began in this morning with the blessing and the raising of the Drukpa flag followed by a practice session of Riwo Sang Tcheu and by the beginning of the teaching on Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of compassion.

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The afternoon was dedicated to the offering of the 270 statues of the masters of the lineage which were consecrated by His Holiness. This evening, a film on the history of Drukpa Plouray center well be projected for the first time.

2nd August 2012

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The monks performed ritual dances. His Holiness Gyalwand Drukpa gave refuge to a group of 60 people and conferred the initiation of Avalokiteshvara to the entire assembly.

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This afternoon the 270 statues of masters of the lineage were brought to the Lama Lakang and placed in shrine room specially built for this purpose.
This evening, the group Savabada will interpret traditional Indian chants of devotion.

3rd August 2012

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The monks and nuns conducted a pratice of Guru Drakpo this morning at 6 AM.

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His Holiness taught on Boddhicitta today and the monks performed ritual dances in the afternoon.

4th August 2012

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This morning, His Holiness taught on impermanence.
In the afternoon, the teachings were on Boddhicitta, the aspirational mind of enlightenment in particular, as well as on devotion.
The practice of Amitayus is performed everyday by His Holiness and monks and nuns. In the evening, a practice of Tcheu Sengye Tsewa was performed in the presence of His Holiness.

5th & 6th August 2012
On Sunday 5th August, His Holiness stressed the importance of praying to the lineage of Bodiccita in order to receive the spiritual blessing and open our hearts to the inspirational mind of enlightenment. In the afternoon the teaching focussed on the relation between emotions and five wisdows.

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On Monday 6th August, His Holiness gave refuge, lay vows as well as Bramacharya vows to more than 60 people.

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The rituals of Amitayus Drubchen have carried on over the past two days and today His Holiness conferred the initiation of Amitayus.
Last night a pratice of Mahakali was performed in accordance with 19th day of the lunar calendar.

7th August 2012

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Today Tuesday Aug 7th, His Holiness conducted the beginning of the Harya Griwa Drubchen (wrathful form of Amitayus) of which be also gave the initiation. This afternoon we practice a condensed form of Mahakala which was written by His Holiness himself who also confered the initiation of Guru Padmasambava.

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At 9 pm the nuns performed dances connected with the practice of Tcheu

8th August 2012

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Today, Wednesday 8th of August, His Holiness conducted a practice session of Amitayus in wrathful form (Haya Griwa) and taught on the necessity of improving our existences on both the absolute and relative levels. It is important to find a balance between what pertains to the relative and the ultimate.
This afternoon, prayers were also recited for the intention of beings suffering from sickness or having passed away.
This afternoon, a practice of Mahakala and protectors was also performed.
This evening, the nuns will interpret songs of realisation of Milarepa, Gotsangpa, Gyalwa Lorepa and other masters.

9th August 2012

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On this thursday 9th of August, His Holiness led a long practice of Vajrassatva in the morning for the deceased people.
His Holiness gave us precious instructions on the importance of helping people who passed away, by giving them a spiritual direction they can follow.
He also insisted on the importance to combine the analytical understanding with profound meditation in order to achieve enlightenment.
In the afternoon, we continued the practice of wrathful Amitayus that will be concluded in the evening.
Before the dinner break, the prizes of the Drukpa Humanitarian tombola have been drawn.

10th August 2012

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The last day of the ceremonies of Celebrating 800 years of the Drukpa Lineage was, like the whole retreat, very joyful and harmonious,
His Holiness led the end of the wrathful Amitayus Drupchen.
The representatives of the different European centers offered the Mandala and a great Ganachakra was performed.
The monks and the nuns dansed and chanted in the presence of His Holiness and of Mr. Morvant, the mayor of Plouray.

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In the evening, a music and danse show was displayed as a tribute to the Drukpa Lineage and to Brittany.
With the conclusion of the ceremonies of Celebrating 800 years of Legacy starts de countdown to the celebration of Naropa's millenial birth anniversary.

Group photo

The group photo taken at the ceremonies 800 years can be downloaded by clicking on this link: Download photo