His Eminence Dralop Rinpoche Sangye Dorje at Plouray - April 2015

Arrival of His Eminence Dralop Rinpoché

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Late yesterday afternoon His Eminence Dralop Rinpoche arrived at Drukpa Plouray. Tea and traditional saffron rice were offered and shared by all.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

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Friday at Drukpa Plouray we welcomed with great joy a high Master from Bhutan : His Eminence Dralop Rinpoche Sangye Dordje, accompanied by Lama Sangye Tenzin.

This morning Rinpoche blessed the Stupa, the Prayer Wheel, the Lama Lhakang and the cottages on the site, after which he gave teachings on Mahamudra.
Tomorrow Rinpoche will give teachings on Vajrasattva and the empowerment.

His Eminence Dralop Rinpoche Sangye Dordje became a monk at a very young age, and his intellectual skills allowed him to study philosophy very soon and later to become a professor at Tango University.

Having at the same time accomplished numerous retreats, His Eminence became a Drubpon, a Master of meditation, at the Thiary Retreat Centre, and then the Abbot at Tongsar Monastery.

In Bhutan, the supreme spiritual authority is in the hands of His Holiness Dje Khempo, assisted and represented by 5 Lopeuns throughout the country. Our host served as one of these Lopeuns for several years, and was responsible for the Punaka area.

After leaving this position, he became director of a nunnery near Punaka.

At present His Eminence has renounced his official positions and devoted himself entirely to his own spiritual practice and to the genuine transmission of Dharma practice.

We are very grateful to His Eminence for having honored us with his presence and given us the opportunity to receive teachings and empowerments from an authentic Master.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

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Vajrasattva empowerment at the Temple of Drukpa Plouray.