Accumulation of homage prayers to Tara

His Holiness and Mayumla

Astrology indicates that next year, the Water Rabbit year, will be His Holiness' obstacle year.
So as to ensure His Holiness and Mayumla's presence in this world for many years to come, we wish to accumulate at Drukpa Plouray 100,000 homage prayers to Tara before his next birthday.
You are all invited to join us during the morning live streams (Tara or Riwo Sang Tchö practices) so that we may add up all of our recitations. (Only those we recite together will be counted).
Therefore, please signal your presence during the recitations (either through a comment on our Facebook page or through Messenger just writing “Tara”)
Thank you all for taking part.🙏🙏🙏

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