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Meditation week-end

Actual timezone:
Retreat at Plouray
07.09.2023 18:00 - 10.09.2023 17:00


Beginning: 18h
Concluding session: 15h
directed by Lama Namgyal

Teachings and practices on the meditation that relates to inner peace and great vision: 
like the sun that, behind the clouds, illuminates the space, meditation’s purpose is to enable us to recognize the primordial nature of our mind and to remain there peacefully. This recognition is source of the development of wisdom and compassion.

Drukpa Plouray - Congregation Pel Drukpay Tcheutsok - European headquarters of the Drukpa lineage - Drukpa Plouray - Bel Avenir - 56770 Plouray – France

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