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Retreat of 8 Nyung-Nays

Actual timezone:
Retreat at Plouray
19.05.2023 18:00 - 05.06.2023 11:00


1000 armed Chenrezig
Beginning: 18h
Concluding session (Tchenrezi pratice and tsok offering): 9h30
Directed bythe Venerable Drubpön Ngawang Tenzin
On site

NYUNG-NAY is a powerful purifi cation practice based on universal compassion, to which we can link ourselves by invoking the one-thousand armed Chenrezi form, and on the observance of temporary fasting and silence vows. This practice, accompanied by numerous prostrations, prayers and mantra recitations, lasts for two entire days and can be renewed: partial fasting on the first day (Nyay-Nay), complete fasting and silence on the second day(Nyung-Nay).

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